Dig Deep – Each Fraggle Rock Funko Pop! Will Have Its Own Doozer

by Hannah Means Shannon

Funko have announced that Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock getting its own Pop! vinyl line this winter.
They say:
This series features the Fraggles, the short, furry creatures who live in a network of magical caves!
Including Boober wearing his brown cap and scarf, the explorer Gobo, and Mokey the dreamer, the oldest of the Fraggle Five.
Completing the series is the athletic and energetic Red, also Wembley wearing his palm tree shirt.
Each Fraggle comes complete with their own Doozer – the creatures who love to work all day long.
Here’s a look at what’s coming up!

Don’t forget Exclusives! A flocked version of Red can be found at Books-A-Million!

The intelligent dog Sprocket can be found at Toys “R” Us!

We can look forward to the Fraggles arriving in shops in December 2017.

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