David Rasmey Predicts “Big Time Complications” For Diggle While Oliver Gets Ready For A Reversal In A Look At Tonight’s Arrow

by Erik Amaya

John Diggle (David Ramsey) may seem like he’s ready to be the Green Arrow long term, but his use of an illicit street drug to manage the nerve damage in his shoulder will lead to “big time complications” for the team. As he explained to TVLine, “I think it’s a good arc for Diggle and a good arc for the team, because what’s he’s doing will affect the whole team and his family.” The drug use, which has not been named, will have a “ripple effect that will be felt throughout the first part of the season” according to Ramsey. Considering the way these sorts of secrets blow up in Diggle or Oliver’s face, you’d think they would stop hiding things from people.
Speaking of Ollie, this Inside Look at tonight’s episode reveals he’ll be in a unique position as he and Felicity switch roles. The reason? Helix is back and Cayden James has something awful planned for the world. It’s up to Felicity (with an assist from Ollie) to foil his plot.

Watching the change in dynamics has certainly livened up the show. Hopefully it will continue to do so before Ollie takes back the hood.
Arrow airs Thursdays on The CW.

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