Auditioning For Adam Strange – Talking Stain The Seas Scarlet With Ryan K. Lindsay

by James Ferguson

Ryan K. Lindsay is a busy man. The up-and-coming writer has been hard at work on a number of projects including the recently completed Beautiful Canvas and the upcoming Eternal, both from Black Mask Studios. Ryan is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for a new sci-fi one-shot called Stain the Seas Scarlet with artist Alex Cormack. The book mixes science-fiction, revenge, and more into what he calls “spacesuit noir.”

I caught up with Ryan about the project and his various comics.

James Ferguson: How would you define “spacesuit noir”?

Ryan K Lindsay: For me, it comes from the initial concept I had in my head, which takes up a large part of this story–someone walking through space, in a suit, looking to bring the noise. Our lead, Yelena, is out in space and ready to defend her planet from the terraforming invaders, and this is her last solo act of resistance.

JF: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much Philip K. Dick is in Stain the Seas Scarlet?

RKL: Probably a 7. It’s intergalactic, with characters of different origins: kinda android, alien, etc. It’s still imbued with human emotion truth, but through very large ideas. Though this is more Clans of the Alphane Moon than it is The Man in High Castle.

JF: How did you link up with Alex Cormack for this one-shot?

RKL: I’ve known him since I first started breaking in–we were both in a collection of short stories about The Oxymoron, a villain from a book over at ComixTribe. We’ve kept in touch since, and I’ve always loved his work, so I was beyond stoked when he agreed to collaborate with me on this.

JF: How long was Stain the Seas Scarlet in the works? Judging by your newsletter updates, it’s been something that’s been in your head for some time.

RKL: I think I wrote the script well over 2 years ago. Maybe close to 3 now. And I lined up Alex way back when too, but he’s been busy with a few things, including the amazing Sink with John Lees over at ComixTribe now, and so he could only tinker with this between projects.

Lucky for me, Alex is a mystical wizard who somehow fits 300 hours into every day, so he got this done in good stead.

JF: Do you have any stretch goals in mind after the Kickstarter campaign reaches its funding goal?

RKL: I’m hoping we can unleash a torrent of short comic PDFs, and some process style ebooks I have up my sleeves, and even a full trade Alex illustrated before.

I’ve always run campaigns with Stretch Goals in mind, so I’m hoping to shower people with digital gifts when we fund and overfund, yes.

JF: How many projects are you currently working on in some fashion?

RKL: 9. I think nine is the number.

Okay, there are, and hold tight with me on this one :]

  • Two mini-series I’ve got greenlit for next year that I’m scripting
  • Three one-shots that are scripted that I’m watching art come in for
  • Another miniseries story I’m percolating in my head for an artist who might have some time free soon
  • A collection of an older work I need to finalise
  • Then there is Eternal with Eric Zawadzki in stores Jan 31 which I’m pushing towards press and retailers right now while it’s in Previews
  • And Beautiful Canvas will be collected soon, so I wanna be prepared for that
  • I’m also writing my weekly newsletter –
  • And still teaching full time

This doesn’t then include the other stupid things in my head, like a novel I want to write, and a mammoth essay series I’m chipping away at, and other weird little things.

I’m trying to keep busy. I feel good when I’m busy.

JF: Is Stain the Seas Scarlet an audition of sorts for you to write some sweet Adam Strange comics?

RKL: Oh, absolutely. This kind of weird intergalactic emotional terrorism would be high atop my list of things to bring to Rann. I mean, you could just consider everything I do moving forward to be on my Adam Strange audition reel, haha.

We’d like to thank Ryan K. Lindsay for taking the time to speak with us here at

Stain the Seas Scarlet is currently on Kickstarter. At the time of this writing, it is 70% of the way to its funding goal with three weeks left. I’ve backed the campaign myself.

If you have not already signed up to Ryan’s newsletter, it’s well worth a read, especially if you’re into process.

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