Mortal Kombat: The Latest Addition To Funko’s Action Figure Line

by Gary Catig

There was a time when home gaming was only 16 bit and did not have highly realistic HD graphics and online play. If you wanted to face the best competition, you hit up your local video arcade and stuck your quarter up on the machine to indicate you got next play.
One game I remember spending many an afternoon playing was Mortal Kombat. The fighting franchise has spawned numerous sequels and crossovers throughout the years and is still going today. Now, Funko has decided produce action figures based off fan favorite characters from the game.
Below is a description of the new line of toys straight from Funko that are due out the January 2018.
The popular video game franchise Mortal Kombat is the latest to join Funko Action Figures!
These fully articulated figures stand roughly 5 ½ inches tall, many of which hold deadly weapon accessories! The series includes Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Kitana, and Liu Kang!


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