Die, Love, Die! – The Death Of Love #1 From Justin Jordan , Donal DeLay And Image

by Olly MacNamee

Writer Justin Jordan (THE FAMILY TRADE, SPREAD) teams up with artist Donal DeLay (You are Not Alone, My Geek Family), colorist Omar Estévez (Heavy Metal Magazine, Batman ‘66), and letterer Rachel Deering (In the Dark, Vertigo Quarterly) for the least romantic Valentine’s comic ever: DEATH OF LOVE.
Now this look like my kinda comic. A book that… well, I’ll let you read the plot overview for yourselves:

Love sucks. And Philo Harris is going to do something about it.
After a particularly bad, drunken decision, Philo gains the ability to see the Cupidae, the creatures responsible for all the love in the world, and declares war on love itself. With a chainsaw.

Who doesn’t love chainsaws? Me, Justin Jordan, Donal DeLay and Leatherface, to name just four who do! Take it away Jordan, DeLay:

Love is funny. Chainsaws are funny. Love AND chainsaws, therefore, is gonna be super funny. Basically, if you’ve ever wanted to see Cupid torn apart in increasingly hilarious ways, this is definitely the comic for you.I just want everyone to laugh the same way they would watching Army Of Darknessor This Is The End.

What’s that? You want to see the preview? Alright then, have at it!

Death of Love #1 (Diamond code: DEC170601) hits comic shops Wednesday, February 14th. Yeah, that’s Valentine’s Day! The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, January 22nd.

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