Now I Want A Green Lantern Multiplayer Video Game – Hal Jordan And The GLC #35 Review

by James Ferguson

The Guardians have been kidnapped by the Controllers for a heinous plan that would eliminate them forever. Green Lantern Corps Leader John Stewart leads the rescue mission aided by the three other Honor Guard Lanterns from Earth: Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, and Guy Gardner. You can almost feel sorry for the Controllers with this force coming their way.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #35 reads like a video game. It would make for an awesome multiplayer co-op mission as these four Lanterns invade this base, fighting off tons of heavily-armed mercenaries. They take out one group and then a bigger, badder mercenary shows up to knock them down. Then they’re forced to rally together and come up with a new plan. One thing is for sure. They are not leaving without the Guardians.
There is so much action crammed into this issue. Artist Jack Herbert delivers a healthy mix of widescreen shots and closer ones that allow you to feel every punch thrown. Since these are Green Lanterns, the fight is always interesting as they’re pulling out all kinds of constructs. There are giant robots, bazookas, and sledgehammers just to name a few. Guy even has some spiked brass knuckles.

Herbert’s level of detail is astonishing. There are some panels where you can see each individual hair on a character’s head or every little line in an alien’s face. Even the backgrounds get this attention with intricately designed walls and barriers serving as temporary cover for the Lanterns as they make their way behind enemy lines.
What fuels this issue is the camaraderie between these four men. They’ve stuck with each other and the Corps through thick and thin. There is no one else they’d rather be fighting alongside, especially on such an important and dangerous mission. Writer Robert Venditti solidifies this bond like Hal, John, Kyle, and Guy are old war buddies. There are a few moments where they’re taking stock of their situation and you can practically hear an inspiring score building up as they prepare to jump back into battle.

My favorite moment of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #35 comes towards the end of the issue as one of the Controllers taunts Ganthet by telling him the only Lanterns that came for him are the humans. Ganthet’s reaction is priceless. He just starts laughing hysterically and then points out that he’s been trying to control those four for years with no luck. Despite coming from a backwater planet that possesses a fraction of the technology of others in the universe, you cannot deny the determination of the human race. That is personified in these four Lanterns.
The Lanterns have once again proven themselves capable of taking on almost any threat the universe can send at them, particularly when the lives of their friends are on the line. They punch, shoot, and kick their way through an untold amount of enemies to get to the final boss. Now they’re poised for another fight and despite all they’ve been through already, they’re not slowing down at all. Remember what I said about feeling sorry for the Controllers?
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #35 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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