Comichaus Launches Their Revolutionary New Indie Comics App!

by Brendan M. Allen

If you’re looking for a source to discover and read amazing new indie comics without breaking the bank, has good news for you! They’ve launched the beta version of their revolutionary new app, which they describe as ‘Netflix for indie comics’.

The Comichaus app has tabs for featured releases, new releases and ‘most read’ comics. Users are able to stream and discover the indie comics in the Comichaus catalogue, search and filter comics by genre, creator and title, save comics to read offline, and find out more about their favorite creators. Users can also review and recommend titles with the ability to share their favorites on social media.
Subscription to the app is £3 (about $4) per month or £30 annually (about $40). Half the site’s revenue from both advertising and subscriptions is split with creators based on how many times their books are read on the app.
Comichaus started life as a website to support and profile small and indie comic book creators, building a respectable database and marketplace for indie comic books. Meeting an abundance of talented creators, Comichaus launched their own comic books about a year after they stepped out onto the indie comic book scene. Comichaus books feature an abundance of talented creators, but Comichaus continued seeking new ways to evolve.

The app raises awareness of excellent indie comics readers may not see otherwise and builds the creators’ profiles, helping them fund future print issues. All the print issues for sale on Comichaus are also linked to the app, so if a reader likes what they’ve read, they can buy a physical copy and find out more about the other comics their favorite creator has been involved in.
The App is available on the following platforms: iOS, Android Versions: iOS 9, iOS 10.x, Android 4.4 – 7.x and Layouts: Portrait Handset, Tablet Portrait, Tablet Landscapeto begin. The Comichaus app is available to download here.
Want to get a taste, but not sure this is the app for you? No problemo! There’s a 14 day free trial period! Tell them I sent you. (It won’t get you anything extra. The free trial is for every new user.)

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