‘Recognizable Humanity’ – Gail Simone On Secret Six And Writing Characters

by Christine Marie Attardo

Chances are, if you’re a fan of comic-writer-superstar Gail Simone, you know about Secret Six. Today, Simone took to Twitter to give some writing advice and chat about how she made the characters in Secret Six relatable to readers. Take a look…

As a fan of Gail Simone, this strikes a chord with me. I love her advice, I love Secret Six, and as always I appreciate her sense of humor. As a writer, I appreciate this even more. Writing characters isn’t an easy feat, and to make them complex and relatable is even harder.
As I read through her Twitter thread, I pulled out a pen and paper to jot down the advice, “If you bring recognizable humanity, it can ring bells readers might not even be aware they have. Recognizable humanity.” I think that’s something we can all use to be better writers. It also applies to readers in the sense of understanding what separates a great work from a comic that has mediocre writing. There’s a reason we are drawn to certain pieces and are deterred from pursuing others. What do you think? How does this apply to your appreciation of comics?

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