Nuclear Winter Is A ‘Lighthearted’ Look At Life Post-Fallout

by Hannah Means Shannon

Boom! Studios has announced the first volume of Nuclear Winter, described as a “humorous, slice of life” original graphic novel that just happens to be set in a version of Montreal that’s been sunk in “eternal winter” with “radioactive snow”.

Canadian cartoonist Cab brings us a story of a young woman “just trying to survive her twenties in Montreal” during the aftermath of “an accident at the local nuclear power plant that occurred nine years ago”. Flavie Beaumont is a mail courier on snowmobile “who’s carved out a pretty normal life for herself despite mutant rivals, eclectic urban wildlife, and unrelenting meteorological events”.
Cab says:

I’ve always loved the more cartoony spin on nuclear energy, be it the Simpsons power plant, glowing radioactive ooze, or anything marked with the radiation sign. But beyond the humorous sci-fi aspect of the story, I wanted to show the love-hate relationship Montrealers have with their winter. Most people who hear the premise of a never-ending winter get weak in the knees at the thought! In the end, it’s all about a slightly off version of where I live—with an extra few feet of snow and a few glowing clouds!

Nuclear Winter Volume One is bring printed with the Boom! Box imprint, and Editor Shannon Watters says:

I’m a massive fan of Canadian cartoonists, and Cab’s work on NUCLEAR WINTER is gorgeous, engaging, and entertaining, with plenty of regional charm and character, along with a healthy helping of pure joy.

Print copies of the English-language debut of Nuclear Winter Volume One will be available for sale in May 2018 at local comic book shops and booksellers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million.

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