Marvel Debuts A Glimpse Of The ‘Sins Of Sinister’ Event

by Tony Thornley

In January, Nathaniel Essex conquers the Marvel Universe in Sins of Sinister. After the reveal of the event’ covers at New York Comic Con, the publisher has given a glimpse of some of the characters’ redesigns to get us all ready for a world ruled by Mister Sinister.

As Immortal X-Men, X-Men Red, and Legion of X pause, the crossover is chronicled by three new miniseries- Immoral X-Men, Storm & the Brotherhood, and Nightcrawlers. The trio will written by Kieron Gillen, Al Ewing and Si Spurrier, with art by Paco Medina, Andrea Di Vito, and Alessandro Vitti. Each issue of the series will reveal this world ten years, one hundred years and one thousand years in the future.

“Sinister’s lurked around, being sinister for all the Krakoan Age. Eventually, he was going to make a play. This is it, and it’s bigger than you can imagine, stretching across 1000 years of nightmares,” Gillen explained. “Dystopic future stories are an X-Men classic. We wanted to find a new way to approach that, and give something we haven’t seen before. I think we’ve pulled it off. Sinister gets exactly what he wants, and it’s hell for everyone. Including Sinister.”

Check out the series covers and character designs, and watch for more news about Sins of Sinister as its released.

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