Dr. Martens Partners With Tate Museum For JMW Turner Boots

by Hannah Means Shannon

Dr. Martens have been putting the work of key painters on their boots for awhile, not to mention modern artists lending their stylings to special lines. But classic paintings have featured the medieval and renaissance period previously, as well as the work of Hieronymus Bosch and William Blake.

Now the classic footwear manufacturer have partnered with the Tate London Museum to present the work of Joseph Mallord William Turner, aka JMW Turner, featuring his noteworthy experiments in the presentation of light.

Dr. Martens says:

Our ongoing artist series with the Tate London Museum continues, featuring artwork by London’s 17th century “Painter of Light”: Joseph Mallord William Turner.
Ever the eccentric who lived by his own rules, he was a true original who embodied the spirit of Dr. Martens.

Well, he certainly broke the rules of landscape painting in his day, and now you’ll be able to express your love for his work by wearing them. The two styles being offered derive from “The Fall of the Carthaginian Empire” and “Fishermen at Sea“. In retrospect, it’s a good thing they chose populated paintings, since one of Turner’s less peopled works might be harder to identify when transferred to boots.
They retail at $150.00, which is kind of an average price for Dr. Martens, rather than an elevated price. You can find them here.

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