5 Point Discussions – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 38: “Formation Of The Three-Man Squad?”

by Sage Ashford

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1. Now that everyone’s managed to graduate from Ninja Academy, it’s time for the all-important formation of the three-man squads that played such a major part in Naruto. If you’ve read Boruto’s manga, then you’ve already got some idea of how these squads break down, but the very start of this episode shows them actually putting the class into the teams they’ll be in from now on.
….And if I had to guess, outside of cool-down arcs this will likely be the last time you’ll ever see some of these characters. I honestly doubt I’d be capable of picking this group out of a crowd of people from an entirely different anime. The ones to focus on here are Denki, Metal, and Iwabe becoming the new Team 5, and the new Ino-Shika-Cho trio taking Team 10 as usual. And of course, the new Team 7, but more on that later.

2. Just before Shino and his assistants arrived to explain the teams going forward, there’s a brief conversation between Sarada and Boruto that ends in an argument (because of course it does). Because the classroom is packed, a minor shove at Boruto’s back nearly winds up with him and Sarada kissing…until this happens.
It’s a cute call back to the start of Naruto when Naruto and Sasuke did kiss. Which reminds me that for the longest time a rumor persisted that an earlier version of Naruto was meant to be more shonen-ai in nature and eventually put its focus on a budding relationship between Naruto and Sasuke. Whether that’s true or not, all signs do seem like they’re pointing towards a Boruto/Sarada relationship–and given how blood traits are passed down, I can’t even imagine how absurdly OP that kid’ll wind up being. Sasuke’s Sharingan, Sakura’s super-strength and Naruto’s overwhelming chakra and ability to tap into Sage Mode? You couldn’t even do a show about that guy because he’d just win every match.

3. Yikes. So Shino hands out the team assignments and immediately Sarada has a problem with it. Mitsuki remains silent (probably because he’s paired up with his best friend) and Boruto only complains because Sarada does. Shino and Konohamaru point out that if they’re that annoyed they can actually request a change from the Hokage himself.
Eeesh, these kids are spoiled. I don’t recall anyone in Naruto ever complaining about team placement–probably because when you live in a nation that’s constantly at war with one nation or another, that’s not even something that occurs to you. Admittedly, since teams are generally permanent I can see them having questions, but one imagines that some Konoha tacticians spent quite a bit of time formulating the teams that would have the best chemistry in the long-term. Still, they rush off to meet Naruto to ask permission to be traded.
Before that though, how would this even work? Swapping Sarada to a different team would almost definitely create an issue with how the tacticians strategized the teams would work together. I know without this they wouldn’t have a plot this week, but seriously someone should’ve just said “No, shut up” to both of them.

4. A couple of arcs ago, the five Kages gathered together to discuss a potential threat that would be almost as much trouble as Kaguya was during the last Ninja War, and one of the problems they noted was that the new generation didn’t really have the same fire that their generation did due to the widespread peace they had enjoyed.  Upon pointing that out, it should follow that each village began training their ninja more rigorously…and apparently, that’s exactly what Naruto has been doing. It’s not a specific reference, but he talks about how they have to be ready to protect the village under any circumstances, and he’s using Six Paths Sage Mode to fight them, so clearly he’s prepping them for upper-tier opponents.
This scene wasn’t strictly necessary, but it’s an example of the series showing their work.  When Konoha does get attacked, it’ll make sense if they’re actually prepared. If you’re constantly going one-on-one with the most powerful person in the world of Ninjas, then you should be capable of handling most threats that might come your way.

5. The ending here should be fairly obvious. Sarada and Boruto both want to be on a different team, but they face a challenge together which helps them realize they make a pretty good team after all. It’s a standard enough plot, and I feel like it would have been more novel if they had sat down and tried to talk out their differences rather than just having to punch something until they got it, but that’s not how shonen anime series work.
In this case, the “something” they have to punch is Naruto’s bodyguard for the day, Mirai.  She’s a cousin of Konohamaru and a pretty powerful Chuunin that fairly easily fights off the whole of Team 7 through manipulation and their lack of teamwork. But by the end, there was really only one way things could’ve worked out…

This is both adorably cute and highly embarrassing, but yeah. Once Boruto and Sarada figure out a way to use their strengths without getting in one another’s way, Mirai’s easily captured. And of course, by then the two realize their chemistry and decide to stay together, asking Naruto to make them into the new Team 7 (they were initially meant to be Team 3) so Sarada can surpass the Seventh in her own way.
Well, we’re almost caught up. 39 won’t be far behind and will easily hit before episode 40 releases on the 10th.
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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