Aliens Returns To Dark Horse With ‘Dust to Dust’ By Gabriel Hardman

by Hannah Means Shannon

Dark Horse have announced a new Aliens series for April written and drawn by Gabriel Hardman, who has long been a comic writer and artist, but also has worked as a storyboard artist for Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, Logan, and Dawn of Planet of the Apes. 

In this new Aliens story, we’ll find the series hearkening back to the film of the same name in what’s described as a “terrifying coming-of-age story”.
Aliens: Dust to Dust #1 has a variant cover by artist Carlos D’Anda (Star Wars).

Here’s the first issue’s official description:

In deep space, the Trono colony on the planet LV-871 finds itself under attack by mysterious and deadly creatures of unknown origin. Emergency evacuations are ordered and shuttles are taking off as the massacre sweeps the colony. All that stands between twelve-year-old Maxon and his mom making it to the safety of the spaceport is a horde of Aliens! You’ll be gripping the edge of your seat as a mother and son fight for their lives against the deadliest monsters in the galaxy.

Aliens: Dust to Dust #1 (of 4) goes on sale April 24, 2018, and is available for preorder at your local comic shop.

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