I Kill Giants Trailer Offers Monsters, Trains And Disbelief

by Erik Amaya

RLJE Films has released a trailer for the the upcoming I Kill Giants and it certainly look like it may live up to to its comic book inspiration.

Based on the comic book by Joe Kelly and J. M. Ken Niimura, Barbara Thorson (Madison Wolfe) is the only thing that stands between terrible giants and the destruction of her small town. But as she boldly confronts her fears in increasingly dangerous ways, her new school counselor (Zoe Saldana) leads her to question everything she’s always believed to be true. Along the way, Barbara also bonds with Sophia (Sydney Wade), a British transplant who comes to respect Barbara’s weird opinions about the town and the giants threatening it. Imogen Poots also stars as Barbara’s sister Karen.
The film has been on the market for a distributor for some time, with RLJE picking it up only recently; leading to a theatrical and digital release on March 23rd.

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