Funko Pop! Releasing More Overwatch Figures In March

by Gary Catig

Fans of eSports or video games in general might be familiar with some of the latest announced Funko Pop! vinyl toys. Coming in March will be six new figures from the Overwatch franchise, five standard sized and one 6” super-sized one. Now you can add Junkrat, Mercy, Zarya, Sombra, Zenyatta, or Roadhog to your collection. Check out each figure below.
Junkrat – the scavenger with his Frag Launcher

Mercy – the costumed Valkyrie with her Caduceus Staff

Zarya – the powerlifter with a Particle Cannon

Sombra – the hacker with a Machine Pistol

Zenyatta – the omnic monk wearing his Orbs of Destruction

Roadhog – the enforcer and bodyguard with a Chain Hook

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