Watch The Cinematic Trailer For The Upcoming TPS MOBA ‘Overprime’

by Gary Catig

Netmarble is primarily known for its mobile games but the developer is branching out into other areas of the industry. Overprime is their first 3D third person shooter multiplayer online battle arena game for Windows PC. Recently, the title received a cinematic trailer that is narrated by actor, Edward Dogliani. He is best known for his role as the Lord of Bones on Game of Thrones. Learn more about the game and watch the video below.

“Developed by Netmarble F&C TeamSoulEve and published by Netmarble, Overprime combines a 3D 3rd-person shooter with the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre, bringing the best of both worlds together on beautiful, sci-fi inspired battlefields. Taking on one of five roles in 5:5 combat, players will engage in strategic and cooperative play to claim victory. Utilizing the assets of ‘Paragon’ developed by Epic Games in 2016, ‘Overprime’ succeeds the previous title, providing a brand new 3D TPS MOBA experience for users, while benchmarking the smooth, high-quality graphics of the previous title.”

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