Magic: ManaStrike’s First Update Brings New Plainswalkers And More

by Gary Catig

It’s been roughly a month since the mobile game, Magic: ManaStrike, was released and it’s already receiving a new update. There will be new content available including new Plainswalkers, new cards and other quality-of-life enhancements for players to discover.
There will be two Plainswalkers joining the game. First is Angrath, a black/red pirate minotaur on the plane of Ixalan. His active skill utilizes his flame chain to stun and deal AoE damage. He also enters an enraged state that grants him increased movement and attack speed during ManaStrike.
The other is Koth the Hammer, a vulshok human red Plainswalker from the plane of Mirrodin who practices geomancy. He is able to damage both air and ground units with melee AoE attacks. In addition, when he enters the enemy’s side of the battlefield, his health increases and he only assaults buildings.
The arrival of Koth the Hammer sparks the opening of Koth Season. An all-new Ajani Vengeant skin is available through Magic Pass. This new skin alters Ajani’s appearance and comes with new character animations and effects that will be seen both in the lobby and on the battlefield.
Other new content includes:

  • New Cards to collect, including Emeria Angel (White), Hightide Hermit (Blue), Carrion Crow (Black), Fire Shrine Keeper (Red), and Sylvan Advocate (Green).
  • Improvements to Magic: ManaStrike’s Friends feature such as adding a ‘Friend’s Match’, adding friends by searching for nicknames, and inviting friends to a player’s Team.
  • Enhancements to MagicTV’s UX system.


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