Brian Michael Bendis And Tim Miller To Create A New X-Men Project For Fox

by Erik Amaya


While writer Brian Michael Bendis might be walking away from Marvel Comics, his relationship with Marvel characters will continue.
Deadline reports that Bendis will write an X-Men project for Deadpool director Tim Miller and 20th Century Fox. Currently titled 143, the project will see Miller return to Fox’s X-Universe prior to handing the characters back to Disney in 2019. Well, provided the Disney/Fox merger occurs at all. 143 represents the fact that Fox must continue to make deals and X-Men movies just in case everything falls apart or a new suitor ends up buying the studio.
Details about the script are non-existent, but a quick search for Uncanny X-Men #143 reveals a rather famous Christmas story about Kitty Pryde facing down a N’Garai demon alone in the mansion. Artist John Byrne eventually admitted the story was an homage to Alien and even joked that he sat around and waited for a lawsuit to come his way. Since we’re in wild speculation mode here, is it possible Bendis is adapting that issue or even bringing the X-Men and Fox’s xenomorphs into the same frame?
Miller was previously said to be developing a Kitty Pryde-focused X-Men feature, so a possible adaptation of #143 seems likely.
The Fox/Disney merger came into doubt last week when Comcast re-emerged as a possible suitor for the studio. According to reports, the company was always ready to offer a better price, but Fox’s Rupert Murdoch feared regulatory hurdles like the ones facing the AT&T/Time Warner merger.

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