The Wicked + The Divine’s New Story Arc Promises Answers This March With Issue #34

by Olly MacNamee

Co-creator Kieron Gillen teases:

Like all the years, we take a new direction. In the final year, it’s a lot of answers. The whole book has been a mystery. Now we start to actually show the various pieces of it. We’ve planned the whole story, and this is our crescendo before we mike-drop with issue 45.

This penultimate story arc for the hugely acclaimed series, The Wicked + The Divine (seriously, is there any reviewer that doesn’t like it?), promises to start answer some of the many questions thrown up by the book to date.
Good news for long-time readers, but it ain’t over yet. And I’m sure there’s more to come even with the promise of unveiling key events from Ananke’s history in the past. A great series with some big ideas! I can’t wait to see were this goes before the end.
The Wicked + The Divine #34 will be available March 7th from Image Comics, Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie.

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