When High Fantasy Dies, Simon Spurrier And Matías Bergara Bring Us CODA From Boom! Studios

by Hannah Means Shannon

Simon Spurrier has worked on a number of series at Boom! Studios, some set within the Jim Hensonverse and some creator-owned. Boom have announced that the writer on The Spire, Godshaper, Suicide Squad, and much more will be writing a full 12 issue series, drawn by Matías Bergara (Cannibal, Supergirl).

In their new series, Spurrier and Bergara will be tackling a new fantasy world that’s far from wondrous. In fact, in the aftermath of an apocalypse, magic has been wiped out from the land. An “antisocial former bard named Hum” seeks a way to save the soul of his wife, alongside “a foul-tempered mutant unicorn”. But he’ll encounter even bigger issues as a power struggle to control the wasteland sets in.

CODA #1 is set to be an oversized debut issue, with 40 pages of story content and additional backmatter at the same $3.99 price point as each issue of this twelve-issue series. This first issue also features a wraparound main cover by Matías Bergara, along with variants by Jae Lee (Superman/Batman, Uncanny X-Men) and Jeff Stokely (The Spire, Six-Gun Gorilla).

Simon Spurrier says:

CODA is the sort of post-apocalyptic story which thumbs its nose at miserable grimhook sensibilities and launches itself, cackling, into fields of weird growth and springtime ideas. It’s the sort of relentless kaleidoscope of visual wonders and worries that only Matías could provide. Yes, it’s a survivalist story. Yes, it’s about saddle bandits and dragon-corpses and endless wasteland chases with hexed steeds and pedigree ogres instead of cars. Yes, it’s about a curmudgeonly loner trying to find his lost love, with only a foul tempered mutant pentacorn to keep him company. But most of all it’s about making the most of the morning after the night before, and knowing that with every death — in this case the mercy killing of the entire exhausted High Fantasy genre — comes wondrous new life.

Matías Bergara adds:

CODA is the window we’re opening for you, dear reader, to gaze into a world of strange and post-magical fantasy – a story unlike anything you and I have read before. My most insane and colorful ideas are flowing out of my hands as I read what Si has been creating in his mind and I can’t wait for you to see what this is.

CODA #1 will be available for sale in May 2018 at local comic book shops or at the Boom! Studios webstore.

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