Ezra, Kanan And Sabine Take Flight For A Rescue In A Clip From Next Week’s Star Wars Rebels

by Erik Amaya

Star Wars Rebels returns for its last half of its final season next week, and the crew of the Ghost are still waist-deep in trouble. As seen in this clip from “Jedi Knight,” Ezra, Kanan and Sabine get ready to rescue Hera by using fairly low-tech devices: gliders.

As has been the custom throughout the season, Disney XD will air two new episodes back-to-back for the remainder of the run, which concludes on March 5th. Apparently the final hour will be a grand finale and I cannot wait to see how everything gets resolved.
But considering Chopper and Hera’s Rogue One cameos, we can guess a couple of things about the finale.
Star Wars Rebels returns February 19th.

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