Greased Lightning! We’re Finally Getting Sandy And Danny POP! Vinyls

by Christine Marie Attardo

This year brings the 40th Anniversary of the beloved musical, Grease. So, it’s no surprise that we are getting some Funko POP!s to celebrate.
Cue “Greased Lightning”:

Last weekend the company announced that they would be releasing four POP!s in April. Two versions of Sandy and two of Danny, the main couple from the film. I am a little surprised that they aren’t doing a bigger release. I mean, where are the Pink Ladies??? I am sure that will come at some point down the line.
For now, you can choose which style you’d like your Sandy or Danny to come in. I already know which I’d choose…

Take a closer look below:

Funko’s Grease POP!s will release in April 2018.

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