ECCC 2018: All Things Robotech Including Collectibles, Comics, And Movies

by Gary Catig

I was a little too young to appreciate Robotech when it first was aired in the U.S. in the 80’s.  It wasn’t until years later when my older brother collected it on DVD’s and let me borrow them when I was able to completely enjoy the animated series.  Friday night at Emerald City Comic Con, there was a panel to discuss all things Robotech including collectibles, the comics, and the latest from the live action motion picture.

Compared to the panel last year, there were a lot more licensed merchandise featuring the franchise.  First off, there’s plenty of apparel now available like t-shirts, hoodies, and socks.  Harmony Gold has teamed up with retro clothing company 80’s Tees to make these products.  You can see the different styles here.

They also have plenty of options on the games front.  Strange Machine Games has developed two board games, Ace Pilot and Attack on the SDF 1.  If card games are more your cup of tea, Solar Flames Games has you covered with three options.  There is Robotech: Force of Arms, Robotech: Crisis Points, and Robotech: The Invid Invasion.  They all take place during the three main periods of the tv series so it’s up to you to decide which time you like most.

What people are most interested in, besides the actual series, are the toys and collectibles.  From Super7 there will be action figures in their Reaction line and there are Robotech MUSCLE packs.

There are Super Veritech transforming toys in the 1/100 line from Toynami.  Included with the vehicle is a micronian pilot.

Kitz Concept also have a transforming Veritech fighter, but it is 1/72.  From the same company is a Super Deformed line, a Dancing Minmei, and a Pullback Minmei.

There also high-end statues like the one from Prime 1 Studios.  Their statue stands three feet tall.

From Kids Logic, is a scale SDF-1 that also is three feet tall.  You can also purchase their Cockpit Speaker System with LED lights.

The last new merchandise is a collaboration between Calibre Wings and Northrop Gruman that resulted in die cast VF-1S metal model.

The new comic series from Titan Comics is now in its second arc starting with issue #5.  Although the writers have switched from Brian Wood to Simon Furman, their will be continuity between the arcs as Wood had already mapped out the direction of the story before bowing out.

The last bit of news was regards to the long in development, live action movie.  Though not much activity has occurred in a while, they have named a new director and writer for the film.  Andy Muschietti, best know for the remake of It, is set to direct while Wonder Woman scribe, Jason Fuchs, is set to create the screenplay.  It is planned for Fuchs to finish off the script while Muschietti is off shooting the sequel to It.
The uptick in merchandise can be attributed to the new studio behind the project.  Though first developed by Warner Brothers, the movie has been taken over by Sony.   It is they who want the market flooded with Robotech merchandise leading up to the release of the film.  For their part, Harmony Gold has pursued various companies to make and sell new products.

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