ECCC 2018: Lion Forge’s Upcoming Varied And Diverse Titles

by Gary Catig

Lion Forge is a comics publisher that stresses its diversity in titles and creators.  At Emerald City Comic Con, they hosted a panel late Saturday afternoon to preview their upcoming comics and the latest additions to their company.

Coming this month, will be the philanthropic anthology Puerto Rico Strong.  In attendance were contributors Tristan J Tarwater and Javier Cruz Winnik.  There will be a wide array of stories included from science fiction to historic.  Winnik was honored and proud to be involved with the project and was happy that it put Puerto Rico in a positive light compared to stereotypes that TV and film usually portray the people.  It was also announced that distributor, Diamond Comics, will also be donating portions of their proceeds of the book to Puerto Rico disaster relief.
The panel also covered the release of the second trade paper back of Catalyst Prime series, Superb, which will also be this month.  Recently, the publisher obtained the rights to release Gene Ha’s Mae.  There will be a reissue of volume 1 in July on the same day the start of the second arc comes out.  Below are some slides of their other expected releases they covered.

Quincredible will be the latest addition to the Catalyst Prime line with art that is manga influenced.  Writer Mildred Louis felt bad that her nephew could not relate to her previous work because it was female centric.  With Quincredible, she can finally write something he can read.

Like Mae, Rocket Salvage is another series that found a new home.  The first volume was previously published by Boom Studios, but the new second volume will now be released by Lion Forge.

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