Will Robinson Meets The Robot In Lost In Space Trailer

by Erik Amaya

Netflix’s reboot of Lost in Space looks a little more like Mass Effect in this new trailer, which also introduces Will Robinson (Max Jenkins) to the updated version of the classic series’ Robot.

And for those of us who played way too much of the EA/Bioware video game, the new Robot — or whatever they call this alien AI — certainly has a Geth-like air about it. The trailer also offers our first glimpse of Parker Posey as Dr. Smith. Since the trailer is big on action, she seems a little more subdued than one would expect. Then again, the first season of the classic show was pretty serious with Jonathan Harris’s Dr. Smith acting as genuine threat. He only became campy later in the show’s run.
It also appears the series will take place on one planet for its first season, which is some real story decompression. Or, more likely, we’re just getting clips from the first few episodes. Either way, the show looks pretty darn intriguing, even if it apes the Mass Effect aesthetic.
Lost in Space debuts April 13th on Netflix.

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