Emma Roberts To Star In Anya’s Ghost Adaptation

by Erik Amaya


Emma Roberts will headline the adaptation of Vera Brosgol’s 2011 graphic novel Anya’s Ghost.
Directed by Dirty Grandpa director Dan Mazer, the film’s plot is described as a “supernatural coming of age story.” In the graphic novel, Anya is a 16-year-old Russian immigrant to the US who finds making friends difficult. She eventually falls into a well and meets a shy ghost named Emily. The two become friends with Emily promising to help Anya become popular at school while Anya promises to help Emily discover the identity of her murderer. When the ghost become uninterested in the investigation, Anya realizes just how controlling and manipulative Emily has become.

According to Deadline, Roberts will play Emily.

Producer Jeremy Bolt previously described the project as a “classic high school comedy with a supernatural twist.” It gave me pause as the description of the novel on Wikipedia suggests the original story is not as broad as “classic” high school comedies tend to be. Then again, Easy A was both broad and thoughtful in equal measure. Also, there comes a point when Emily becomes a threat, which should be treated with some seriousness. But one assumes Mazer and the producers have thought about this as well and “classic high school comedy” just happened to be the best descriptor for the yet-to-be realized film. And, of course, good adaptations can emerge from scripts which diverge wildly from the source.
The film is not yet scheduled for release.

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