5 Point Discussions – Garo: Vanishing Line 22: “Yu Light”

by Sage Ashford

All hope seems lost as Sophie’s brother succumbs to his darkness. Meanwhile, Sword, Gina, and Luke must stop the activation of the True El Dorado before its too late. Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. It feels like once you get used to Garo, it’s pretty hard to be shocked or grossed out by it. The Horror element doesn’t really work in this series especially, because the Golden Knight doesn’t just solve the issue by beating the bad guy–he destroys them in less than ninety seconds. Every fight against him is usually one-sided in his favor, particularly in Vanishing Line where Sword’s only been given a proper challenge once by Knight, and never again. The deaths in this series in particular have been the kind we saw coming miles away, and at least one time wound up being somewhat comical.
But this week, the King makes his first proper appearance, and with it comes this series’ most horrific “death” yet. Last week he emerged when Martin finally gave into the darker aspects of himself after Sophie tried to kill him and he realized he’d been fooled into creating EldoNet.   However, there was still a noticeable remnant of Martin this episode attempting to get out. His face still remained in the King’s chest until it was slowly dragged inside of King’s body. Afterwards, a hand reached out for help…only to get eaten by the King in one of the sickest scenes I’ve ever seen in a Garo series. Martin was established as a pure being, someone that took immense manipulation for King to conquer him in the first place…in no way did he deserve the fate he got, leaving me still shaken by the experience even hours after watching it.
What it does successfully accomplish aside from being proper horror though, is two things: establish King as the worst Horror, and then also make you want to see him get murdered.

2. Realizing her brother wasn’t a Horror before she made him one, Sophie goes catatonic as Sword arrives to protect her. They try to escape, but King has control not just over all the Horrors in the city, but all the buildings in the city as well. They start collapsing around them, forcing the two of them out into the open as they escape.
Eventually, they get surrounded by Horrors and things begin to look hopeless, until suddenly an old friend makes a reappearance. While Gina was gone, she didn’t just upgrade her inventory, she also apparently found a way to remake Zaruba! It’s not a “new” Zaruba as he’s still got his old memories, so now I have questions. If they remade Zaruba, does that mean Sword lost his upgrade? He hasn’t actually been Garo except very briefly two episodes ago. How’d they bring Zaruba back? Is he literally immortal and no one told us?

3. The EldoNet plan finally activates, and it’s everything we expected. Any phone or device with the beta even installed immediately forcefully activates and draws countless souls all across the world into the virtual reality. There, King is able to consume their souls and grow even stronger, allowing him to eat even more. It feels like plans like this have no end game.  Once you’ve eaten all the humans…then what?
There’s only one person that can make their way into the system and stop King’s plan from reaching fruition: Martin Hennes. The guy who just got chomped. That makes things seem all the more hopeless…until they learn Sophie also has the same administrative powers.

4. Vanishing Line done messed around and turned Sophie into the best “powerless” character I’ve ever seen. She never gets in the way, and she’s never doing anything stupid to put the heroes’ lives at risk. Most importantly, her story never gets subsumed very long in favor of other characters’ plotlines. Fthat. This week, with only two episodes remaining, we finally learn what her ultimate purpose is: breaking into the mainframe holding the souls that King has drawn in and releasing them before he can grow any stronger.
If it works, she’ll at the least saved all the people still alive on Earth, and maybe even brought back the thousands of people sucked into EldoNet. In a very real way she’ll have more importance to the plot than Sword, Gina, or Luke ever did.

5. All four of our heroes try to go back to El Dorado to finish things, but things take a turn for the worse when Knight shows up. He’s been on the sidelines all this time, and now that he’s finally healed up he’s ready to settle things with Sword.
….But Sword runs away, which means this is all on Gina and Luke. And that’s impressive enough, but just as Sword rides off…Queen re-appears! I said she went down too easy last week, and here she is. Unsurprisingly, Bishop can heal a Horror from any wound.
The last two episodes of this series are going to be a ride. It’s entirely possible Gina and Luke go out fighting these guys, but this doesn’t seem like the kind of show for that. So that leaves Option B: The two of them both solo the strongest Horrors in the series, doing justice to all the (usually worthless) Makai Alchemists of the past twelve years of Garo series. There’s an equally good chance in this that Luke defeats his father in one-on-one combat too, which is where I’d hoped the story would go but never did.
Garo: Vanishing Line is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

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