Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Starts With First Printing Sell Out

by James Ferguson

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 kicked off the mega-event Shattered Grid this week and the comic has already sold out at the distribution level. Some issues may still be available at your local comic shop, but if you missed out, BOOM! Studios and Saban Brands have got you covered.
They’re rushing through a second printing of the issue which will drop on April 25th, the same day as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Annual #1.

Shattered Grid deals with Lord Drakkon, the twisted alternate-reality version of Tommy Oliver, who has his sights set on the Power Rangers across time and space. He’s formed a deadly army to take them out through different dimensions, causing Power Rangers teams from all different franchises to team up to take out this massive threat.
Dafna Pleban, Editor at BOOM! Studios says:

Everyone at BOOM! Studios, Saban Brands and on our Power Rangers comics have pulled out all the stops to ensure Power Rangers: Shattered Grid is the biggest story we could tell – and the response has been incredible. By rushing this second printing back to stores, every fan will have a chance to visit their comic shop to ensure they don’t miss all the surprises to come for the Power Rangers!”

MMPR #25 is a fantastic read that any Power Rangers fan will want to check out. It’s impressive what the creative team has done with this book.

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