Swag! The C2E2 Special Geof Darrow Edition

by Hannah Means Shannon

I’m way behind on posting my swag shots, partly because of luggage packing and delayed flights, partly due to the sheer post-con haze of a pretty energetic C2E2 this year.
But despite trying to work within much more stringent luggage restrictions than usual (somehow I bought a plane ticket that had a special category forbidding a full sized carry-on), I still managed to squeeze all this in.
And stay to the end for this Special Geof Darrow Edition of Swag!

So, generally, there’s the C2E2 t-shirt, two con exclusive Toki Doki metallic unicorns, a big hardbound edition of Big Guy and Rusty the Robot, some sweet, sweet exclusives of Valiant’s Ninja-K and Shadowman, horror comics by three different folks I chatted with in Artist’s Alley, a print from Valentine Barker (www.chalkyheart.com) and three signed posters: Shaolin Cowboy, Dept. H, and Harrow County. Hidden in there are also some enamel pins. The box of Ghirardelli chocolates were from Chicago, but not the convention, and that goes for Chicago’s Eleven diner mug which I will prize since it is one of the best diners I’ve ever encountered.

Now those horror comics are written by Mark L. Miller (Gravetrancers from Black Mask), Jake Smith’s self-published comics, who is very promising (and also works with Eric Powell), and John Bivens’ lovely collection.

And now for that Geof Darrow art:

Yep, a triple play. First up, I picked up a package deal on Big Guy and Rusty the Robot, that would come signed, and Mr. Darrow kindly did much more than sign it by drawing this fantastic reptillian for me.

As part of the package deal, I got to pick out an original piece of art from a three whole stacks of drawings, and I came away with this utterly fantastic piece of the Shaolin Cowboy about to encounter a bird-skull-automatic-weapon. Or should I say that it’s about to encounter HIM? I think we know how this is all going to turn out.

Lastly, in a gesture that Darrow has become famous for in his over-generosity, he was drawing on the backs of Shaolin Cowboy posters at the Dark Horse booth, rather than just signing them, and he produced this massive Miyazaki-style cat for me. With a signature that’d no doubt near to Darrow’s heart. In being as irreverent as possible.

I lucked out. Any original art at a show is a treat, and now I’m going to have to reconfigure my whole office with newly framed pieces soon. I can’t wait.
Thanks, Geof!!
And thanks to C2E2 for a great show, too.

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