5 Point Discussions – Black Clover 27: “Light”

by Sage Ashford

The Wizard King comes face to face with the leader of the White Night’s Eye! Will he and Asta be able to escape unscathed? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. Asta and the Wizard King are confronted with the leader of the White Night’s Eye terrorist group, but with so many of his key subordinates captured, he doesn’t go for a fight. Instead he blinds both our heroes and absconds with all but one of his captured gang before escaping. It’s a pyhrric victory on both sides: the Clover Kingdom has a wrecked capital city and a severely injured Magic Captain, but the White Night’s Eye have seen two of their members killed and two more captured.    But the White Night gang definitely have a slight edge: all of this could’ve only happened because there’s a traitor within the Clover Kingdom.
While the Wizard King galvanizes the people by claiming he’ll strengthen the Magic Knights, ultimately all of its meaningless if they can’t root out the traitor. Now this is where we get into a bit of troublesome territory, as technically the anime is playing far more fast and loose with the identity of this group’s leader than the manga did, presumably because it’s easy enough to spoil yourself if you want to.

2. Speaking of the White Night’s Eye, we get several scenes in this episode devoted to their perspective. Rades is still ticked he caught Righteous Hands from Asta and swears revenge on our lead idiot by summoning an even larger zombie army, because the first attempt went so swimmingly. He winds up in an argument with Sally over being allowed to kill him, as Sally points out she won’t allow him to kill a subject she’s become so fond of. Between someone who wants to turn Asta into a member in his zombie army, and someone who wants to experiment on him while he’s still alive, hopefully Asta comes with way better back up the next time he runs into this group, otherwise some pretty dark potential fates await.
Elsewhere, the leader of the group discusses their losses…while also acknowledging they got away with something else: Fuegoleon’s magic pendant, another of the stones this group has been searching for since the very first major arc. They claim its for the sake of their country, but it isn’t really clear how gathering a bunch of stones and placing them in a table is going to create a new country in the midst of Clover Kingdom. Not yet, at least…

3. This is a fairly low key episode that’s mostly the epilogue for this past arc and set up for what’s next. After a bit of time licking their wounds and fortifying the ruined defenses from their betrayal, all the Magic Knight Guilds pack up and begin to go their own way. There’s a cute scene when Asta returns where Klaus and Mimosa prove they’re the best friends Asta has by actually showing they’re happy to have him back while Noelle pretends not to care about him, again proving tsundere are the worst sort of people.
Eventually Noelle, Asta, and Charmy head out, but not before confronting their friends in the Golden Dawn. Proud of the growth he’s experienced, Yuno shows off by chucking a giant wind creature at Asta…which explodes at the last second and reads “Goodbye, Shrimpsta”. I feel like Yuno could’ve found a way to do this without creating an attack spell in a city overrun by mages attempting to murder them just a couple days ago in universe, but y’know…who cares about the commoners, right?   Wait, wait…*checks notes*  It’s their job to care about the commoners? Well that can’t be right.
Jokes aside, this was a cute moment. It’ll actually be awhile before the Golden Dawn gets to come back into play, so they needed a good send off.

4. We get a bit of detail into the Magic Knight rankings near the tail end of the episode, as we learn Asta’s been promoted to junior third class Magic Knight, leapfrogging him over his older members Luck and Magna in rankings. Meanwhile Charmy points out she’s been promoted to the status of a junior first-class Magic Knight, making her one of the highest ranking members in the Black Bulls.
This was great for a comedic bit, and while the Petit Clover going far enough to show the full class ranking is cute, but now that it’s been developed fully I can’t help wondering why it’s there to begin with. The star ranking system displays the difference in performances between the Magic Guilds and is brought up in ways that help to further the progression for our characters, the Magic Knight ranking system is done so rarely that it just feels superfluous. If you learned that you never heard about any other ranking besides Wizard King and Guild Captain ever again, would you be surprised?

5. Next Episode: This feels like filler, but nope! After a long battle against a terrorist army, the Black Bulls are choosing to relax by going on a group date! You can feel the cringe already; this group of weirdos is barely fit to have conversation with people about the weather, I can only imagine how awkward things are going to get with them plunged into the dating scene.
Black Clover is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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