Black Siren Breaks Bad Again When Arrow Returns

by Erik Amaya

Arrow‘s customary early Spring hiatus is upon us. But when the series returns, Black Siren (Katie Cassidy) will seemingly return to her villainous ways after being disgraced and disbarred. Will Team Arrow be able to draw her back from the precipice or is the Earth-2 Laurel Lance forever destined to chose the worst possible path?

It is interesting to see the show heat up and remember it has characters like Black Siren to play with. In fact, the present-day story is almost as interesting as the flash-forward story for the first time in months. Emiko (Sea Shimooka) is the leader of the Nine Rings, making things more personal for Oliver (Stephen Amell) while setting up Archer as some sort of massive endgame for the series. It’s nice for Arrow to have a sense of direction again after so much meandering. Hopefully, it will stick the landing.
Arrow returns April 15th on The CW.

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