Fletcher & Kerschl’s Isola #1 Sells Out And Goes Back To Print

by Olly MacNamee

And just like that, Isola #1 has sold out and is at this very moment being rushed back to the printers. I’m glad I picked up my copy last week now. Still, if you are coming late to the party and may want to know more about this fantasy series here’s my review and an interview with the co-creators, writer Brenden Fletcher and artist Karl Kerschl from Image Comics. And, if that’s till to enough, here’s an overview:

Rook, the captain of the Royal Guard, has fled the capital of the kingdom of Maar with Queen Olwyn, who suffers under the effects of a terrible spell. As the kingdom inches every closer to the brink of war, their only hope of restoring Olwyn to the throne lies in the mythical land of ISOLA—also known as the land of the dead.

Isola #1 second printings will be available May 9th, with a FOC Monday April 16th.
Don’t go missing out a second time now, okay? After all, you can’t say you haven’t been both informed and warned.

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