Get Your Teeth Into SINK: Welcome To Glasgow, Currently On Kickstarter

by Hannah Means Shannon

Award-winning Glasgow-set horror comic series SINK is currently funding on Kickstarter for its first collected volume, written by John Lees, and illustrated by Alex Cormack, with design by Shawn Lee, and letters by Colin Bell. This new edition will even feature an introduction by comics great Frank Quitely.
In fact, with more than a week left to go, the campaign has already doubled its funding goals and is headed into stretch goals, so it’s the perfect time to get onboard and secure your swag.

SINK: Welcome to Glasgow is a 160 page volume that tells the story of the inhabitants of a “forgotten East End district of a warped funhouse mirror vision of Glasgow”, called Sinkhill, and the beings who live there are a mix of “crooks, deviants, and killers” as well as some ordinary people who live there in fear. Watch out for killer clowns in a blue van, a “shovel-wielding vigilante in a fox mask” and a piling up of corpses.
The creators of SINK have kindly provided us with an extensive look at some concept art and character designs:

And also with a hefty preview, so take a gander:

SINK: Welcome to Glasgow is currently funding on Kickstarter until Tuesday, April 24th, 2018.

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