In Conversation With…Kieron Gillen (Part 1): Star Wars And Darth Vader

by Olly MacNamee

As comic con season kicks off in earnest and I begin to travel around the country as a ‘mouth for hire’ hosting numerous comic book panels the length and breadth of these British isles, I’m getting to meet some amazing creators. And, just as I did with David Finch (Batman), Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Sean Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy), I thought I’d share these interviews with you all here at as a new column, In Conversation With…
Having had the opportunity to interview writer Kieron Gillen at last week’s inaugural International Comics Expo show in Margate (ICE Margate), I jumped at the chance, as he’s a creator I’d seen but never spoken with. After an hour of inane questions from me, but informative and entertaining answers from Gillen, I came away from that Saturday lunchtime panel more the wiser on his Darth Vader run, and also his current Star Wars run, as well as discussing the two indie books he’s writing that are slowly coming to an end: Uber (Avatar) and The Wicked + The Divine (Image).
In Part 1 of this conversation we focus on Star Wars, and in particular his 25 issue run on Darth Vader and where it fits into the Star Wars timeline. Given that when we see Luke, Leia, Han and the gang again, with the Rebellion are hiding out on Hoth, seeming to have had the upper hand after A New Hope, and we also discuss the interesting supporting cast Gillen has brought to the Empire.
Take it away, Kieron!

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