Cobra Kai May Change Your Karate Kid Loyalty

by Christine Marie Attardo

The original Karate Kid may be my number one nostalgic movie in the world, and that is the main reason I knew I would have to watch the dramatic conclusion to Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence’s feud. That is, until I watched the first episode and realized it is a very new beginning. A new beginning that may change how you feel about the original tale.

You know what I hate? Car commercials where a very loud salesman says cheesy things. Meet the adult version of Daniel LaRusso. These scenes play as we see a distraught Johnny Lawrence having a terrible day. By the looks of him, he’s had many. This begins the new perspective of these two nostalgic characters. Daniel has led a very successful life while Johnny hasn’t. When the two characters are brought together because of a fender bender, things get really awkward.

In all the years that I watched and watched The Karate Kid, I never thought in a million years that I might feel sympathetic for Johnny Lawrence. That all changed with Cobra Kai. After the first two episodes, I’m hooked. I think that’s where the major appeal is going to come into play. Also, the youth in the show being exposed to karate as a way to cope with society and bullying is something that isn’t seen too much. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. The good thing is, episodes 1 and 2 and available to stream for free on Youtube. The rest require a subscription to Youtube Red, but you can sign up to get a month for free. Trust me, I’m thinking this show is going to be very binge-able.
Check out the trailer here:

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