Locke & Key Close To A Home At Netflix

by Erik Amaya


The journey of Locke & Key as a television series takes another step.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the proposed series is “nearing” an episode deal at Netflix. But it will come with a few provisions. For one, the pilot shot for Hulu will be discarded in favor of a new debut episode. With director Andy Muschetti busy on It: Chapter 2, a new filmmaker will be chosen as Netflix redevelops the series a third time.
FOX first commissioned a pilot based on the IDW comic book by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez in 2010. Produced by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, it starred Mirando Otto as Nina Locke, a widow who moves her family to her husband’s ancestral home in Maine. There, her children find the house has a magic to it, accessed by keys and doorways offering strange and wondrous powers. It floundered and the network ultimately passed. The pilot eventually screened at Comic-Con and leaked online, allowing fans to see it.
The recent pilot, developed for Hulu, starred Frances O’Connor and Nina, Jack Mulhern as older brother Tyler, Megan Charpentier as sister Kinsey, Nate Corddry as uncle Duncan and Jackson Robert Scott as youngest son Bode. THR’s report indicates O’Connor will be recast, but it is unclear if any of the other actors will return when Netflix mounts the third pilot. Lost‘s Carlton Cuse, showrunner of the Hulu version, will remain on board.

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