Anyone Who Has Ever Had A Dog Should Read The Super Sons/Dynomutt Special

by James Ferguson

Going to a funeral can be awkward enough, but when you’re a kid and you don’t even know the deceased, it’s a rough time. That’s where Jon Kent finds himself, dragged along to Big City by his parents to pay respects to an old family friend. Fortunately for him, his pal Damian Wayne tracked him down and has a mission for the Super Sons. One of the Bat Family’s friends, Dynomutt, is in trouble and Robin and Superboy are just the kind of help he needs.

Before reading this crossover one-shot, I had little to no knowledge of the Hanna Barbera characters Blue Falcon and Dynomutt. I’ve probably seen them pop up somewhere over the years, but I had no idea who they were or what their story was. Writer Peter J. Tomasi takes time to flesh this out, providing a rather touching origin for the duo in the opening pages, that is expanded upon as the comic continues. This makes the events of the story, in which Blue Falcon betrays Dynomutt and leaves the robotic pup for dead, all the more heart-wrenching.
You get an immediate sense of the level of evil we’re dealing with in the Super Sons/Dynomutt Special by how the villain treats the canine hero. If someone is going to hurt a dog, even a robot one, there’s nothing they won’t do. Artist Fernando Pasarin creates a number of emotional sequences where the boys react to finding Dynomutt near death. His body can’t pull itself together from the immense damage it’s taken so pieces hang off of him. He just looks so sad.

This quickly pushes the boys into action, leading to a great panel of them heading towards Blue Falcon’s headquarters to try to heal Dynomutt. Damian looks fearless and determined on his motorcycle as Jon flies nearby holding the dog in his hands with a worried look on his face. Nothing else matters in the world at this point except saving this dog.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, mind control is to blame for Blue Falcon’s sudden change in demeanor. We learn the full extent of the villain’s plan in a bout of exposition that serves to further flesh out these characters. It’s also rather chilling to see how this evil rose to power. This has a horror bend to it, particularly when the Big Bad is revealed. It’s like a twisted, undead version of a hero with bits of flesh missing from its ravaged body.

The final battle is wrapped up in a somewhat cheesy way, however it hits right to the heart of anyone that’s ever had a dog. Tomasi tapped into that emotional connection and tugs right at the heartstrings in the midst of a battle for life and death. The story speaks to that bond and the lengths you’d go for each other.
While Blue Falcon and Dynomutt get a large chunk of the spotlight, Damian and Jon still have some great moments. Their interaction is still top notch, as it has been in the Super Sons series. This is a solid friendship between two kids that have come to depend on one another.

These DC Universe/Hanna Barbera one-shots can sound silly at times with some bizarre crossovers. This one delivered a great story that anyone could jump into and enjoy. I picked this up because I like the Super Sons, but I left a fan of Blue Falcon and Dynomutt. Considering this was my first real exposure to the characters, I’d say that’s a job well done on behalf of the creative team.
Super Sons / Dynomutt Special #1 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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