Jared Leto To Headline His Own Joker Movie

by Erik Amaya


Jared Leto’s Joker is very much a bad penny, it just keeps turning up.
Variety reports the Suicide Squad actor is in talks to reprise his role as the Clown Prince of Crime in a solo movie he will also executive produce. The project will continue on from Suicide Squad and form the beginning of a number of films branching off from the David Ayer directed film.
The project is, of course, separate from Todd Phillip’s standalone “Joker Origins” project with Joaquin Phoenix. That film will exist as part of an Elseworlds-like banner of movies produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, but outside the film universe established in Man of Steel. It is also separate from the “Joker and Harley” film said to be at development at the studio. It may turn out to serve as a replacement film while Harley and actor Margot Robbie appear in a live action Birds of Prey film rumored to being production within the next year.
The studio and DC Entertainment are developing a number of projects based on the companies wide assortment of characters. Projects like Lobo, Green Lantern Corps and Deathstroke are at various script stages, with directors attached to some of the projects. At the moment, though, the only movies definitely coming are the ones shooting at the moment, like the Wonder Woman sequel, and the two in post-production, Aquaman and Shazam! Warner Bros. has two 2020 releases dates on its calendar reserved for DC films, but it is unclear which of the many projects will end up at the finish line.

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