Something For The Weekend: Your Regular Round Up Of Reviews, Previews And More

by Olly MacNamee

Another week behind us, but what were you all reading? Here’s your regular Saturday afternoon ten to takeaway for this Labor Day weekend:

  1. In comic book business news, Daniel Cherry was, this week, unveiled as DC Comics’ new General Manager. Read more on this development here.
  2. DC Comics also announced that they would be recreating the Superman radio series of the 2940s as part of their forthcoming second DC FanDome day, Saturday 12th September. More on this here.
  3. In other news, multi-millionaire movie star Keanu Reeves, launched a crowdfunding campaign backed by BOOM! Studios for new comic BRZRKR. Read more about this cash grab here.
  4. A few reviews took your interest this week, such as James Ferguson’s review of Wicked Things #4 which you can read here.
  5. Richard Bruton reviewed the fun-looking Bunny Vs Monkey in his regular look at UK comic books and graphic novels here.
  6. I hope you’ve been enjoying our new(ish) column, New To You Comics, in which our plucky reviewers, Tony Thornley and Brendan Allen, take a another look at comics, collections and graphic novels from the past, with a look at Justice League Dark Vol. 1 here.
  7. This month’s look at the Art of Politics was another popular piece from this past week. Seems we have some very informed and educated readers out there, just as I’ve always suspected. Check it out again here.
  8. On the gaming front, Gary Catig reported on The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross plans to celebrate their half anniversary (what now?) here.
  9. Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal is returning for a second season, as reported on here.
  10. And finally, we present you with our interview with Rafael Albuquerque who spoke about his new comiXology Originals series, Funny Creek, and Stout Studios here.

As ever, enjoy the weekend, and Labor Day, and stay safe.

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