A Physical And Philosophical Journey: A Strange & Beautiful Sound From IDW

by Olly MacNamee

A Strange & Beautiful Sound, by Zep from IDW, was a graphic novel that caught my eye this week and so I thought I’d share a preview of this intriguing looking book coming out this Wednesday, the 20th of June. In what seems to be both a physical and philosophical journey for out protagonist, William, who is a monk sworn to silence, this new book is something more than your average comic, as this preview and plot overview suggest.

William chose silence 25 years ago when he joined the Carthusian religious order. When an inheritance forces him to leave the monastery for Paris, he must master a whole new world and question certainties forged long ago. He meets Méry, a young woman whose days are numbered due to an incurable illness, and who is resolutely decided on making the most of the time she has left. Now William must face new questions—Where is life’s value? In the struggles, or in the peace?—and complicate his choices in a powerful story that truly addresses the meaning of life.

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