Optimism And Suspicion In Resident Alien: An Alien In New York #3

by Brendan M. Allen

Arriving in New York City, Harry’s telepathic talents are almost overwhelmed by the human chaos, but he and Shaman Twelvetrees soon find his strange, possibly alien, contact! A surprising connection to New York’s art world and graffiti culture is found, and Harry’s very private new acquaintance could take him a step closer to communicating with his home planet.

Man, this comic moves fast. A couple chapters ago, Harry was chilling in Patience, tending to the small town’s medical needs. Here we are in chapter three, and everything has gone sideways for the good doctor. His desire to return home has always sort been a pipe dream, real but unlikely. Now, there may be someone out there that can help him. He’s made it to New York, and he’s closer than ever to realizing his dream, but also somehow further.

Peter Hogan continues to play up the “fish out of water” angle, and now throws in a degree of frustration at unrealized expectation. Harry was never quite sure what he was going to find in The Big Apple, hence the added security measures and extreme caution, but he still has a sinking suspicion he’s gonna end up holding the bag. We’ve all been there. Optimistically hopeful things are finally going to work out, but holding onto the fear it probably won’t.

Art by Steve Parkhouse continues to evolve with the script. This chapter takes place almost exclusively in flashbacks to the art scene in New York, a couple decades removed. Back when New York City was a place where the hopeful lost came to get found, to live on the cheap and become great (rich) artists. Parkhouse nails the scene, with its funny hairstyles and bizarre fashion. He also does a bang up job regressing/progressing the ages of characters as the script flips back and forth between timelines.

Somehow I missed that this miniseries is only four issues. For some reason, I thought we were going five rounds on this one. That explains the breakneck pacing. So much information thrown in the mix in a short run, but it all connects. I’m looking forward to the blowoff, and I’m kind of hoping Harry fails, because I want to read the next series. Selfish? Probably.

Resident Alien: An Alien In New York #3, published by Dark Horse Comics, released on 13 June, 2018. Created by Peter Hogan (script) and Steve Parkhouse (art).

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