IDW Launches Dick Tracy: Dead Or Alive By Three Allreds & Rich Tommaso

by Hannah Means Shannon

IDW have released the excellent news that they’re bringing back an iconic comic hero in a new Dick Tracy comic, “Dead or Alive“.
The four issue series is going to be written by Michael Allred and Lee Allred, penciled by Rich Tommaso, inked by Michael Allred, and colored by Laura Allred.

In Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive, the detective has just “made the biggest collar of his career”, but has lost his job. Now he’s set his sights on the criminal community.
Featuring cover art and co-written by Eisner Award-winning Michael Allred (Madman, iZombie, Silver Surfer), the new series features “strange villains, crooked cops, and gunfights galore”.
Michael Allred says:

Dick Tracy is an instantly recognizable old-school icon, like Mickey Mouse and Superman, but he’s been out of the spotlight awhile and due for a curtain call. We want to shake it up and show the glow in the 21st Century. I always get a big kick working with my first-ever collaborator and big brother, Lee Allred, as well as my favorite colorist and favorite wife, Laura. But I’m crazy excited about working with Rich Tommaso! He is one of the most innovative and thrilling cartoonists working in comics. I’m lit up with giddy shock that he’s letting me slop ink on his beautifully rendered pencils, keeping me on my toes to do the work justice on this thrilling series!

Co-writer Lee Allred says,

Dead or Alive pits Dick Tracy, champion of Law and Order, against not only brutal crime bosses but the corrupted forces of the Law itself. Every hand, cop, and crook will be against Tracy as he battles the enemies of true justice. With Rich, Mike, and Laura as the art team, classic crime drama has never looked so good.

Rich Tommaso comments:

I am thrilled to try my hand at drawing this legendary, pulpy, hardboiled crime classic. Along with Roy Crane, Milton Caniff, Noel Sickles, Jack Cole, and Alex Toth, Chester Gould is a cartoonist that I am perpetually inspired by when I’m working on my own crime stories. So, this is a project that I feel is well within my wheelhouse. The Dick Tracy cast of characters makes this comic so much fun to draw on a daily basis. I only hope we can all bring something great to the comic ourselves while, simultaneously keeping true to its origins. Not an easy feat to be sure, but I feel it’s damn worth a try.

Dick Tracy was first created by Chester Gould in 1931, and the detective’s stories have featured many memorable rogues’ galleries and plenty of drama.
For more information on purchasing copies of Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive, contact your local comic shop or visit to find a store near you. The first issue will arrive in September 2018.

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