Double Jumpers Returns This August From Action Lab: Danger Zone

by James Ferguson

Jason and his gang of video game programmers swapped bodies with their in-game avatars, the Dungeon Lords. No, this isn’t Jumanji. It’s the comic, Double Jumpers, set to return this August from Action Lab: Danger Zone.

The series, written by Dave Dwonch, illustrated by Sergio Rios, and colored by Geraldo Filho with Megan Huang, follows this group of nerds as they release the game’s greatest villain, Pilfer the Goblin, into our world. They’ll need more than their video game skills to capture him.
Writer / creator Dave Dwonch says:

I’ve always known I’d be back for more with Double Jumpers. It’s pretty apparent from the last page of the first volume. With that first series I was aiming to offend everyone, but it was so ridiculous that it sort of became this sleeper hit. Tonally this one hits all the same comedy beats, but while the first volume was about failure, this one’s about redemption. Video game culture is a very strange, volatile thing, and we really tap into some of the greater divides present within it. It’s going to be a crazy ride, trust me.

If you missed Double Jumpers the first time around, don’t worry. Action Lab: Danger Zone is offering the first volume again, along with a special digital one-shot issue called Double Jumpers: The Dark Backwards. This issue will be free to ComiXology Unlimited subscribers and will help fill in the gaps between the first two series.
The follow-up series, Double Jumpers: Full Circle Jerks, is set for release on August 8th, 2018. It will feature a cover by Sergio Rios and another by Daniel J. Logan.

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