5 Point Discussions – Sword Art Online Alternative: GGO 11: “Psycho LLENN”

by Sage Ashford

Everything comes down to the battle between Pitohui and LLENN. But can the diminutive hero overcome her fear of Pito’s legend? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. What I love about this show is somehow in a world where the purpose of the game is literally to kill or be killed, they always go over and above to make Pitohui’s kills look more unhinged and twisted than everyone else’s. With most players, a kill is simply a kill–trying to win the most points. But Pito is always finding new ways to kill or torture people for “fun”.
As predicted last episode, Memento Mori got wiped out like a bunch of scrubs. She gunned down half of them, then she uses part of M’s blown apart shield to force the other two against a wall, shoving her lightsaber through their skulls while they struggled helplessly.  Yikes.

2. The last scan reveals there’s four teams remaining: the girls in SHINC, the remnants of PM4, LLENN+Fuka, and a team called T-S. Because we don’t know who they are at this stage in the game, the most obvious thing in the world is to have them be the final villains of the show. Are we approaching an anti-climactic finish? No way there’s time to let LLENN beat Pito and M, bring down this last team, and finally meet Pito in real life, right?

3. After witnessing first-hand what Pitohui does to Memento Mori, LLENN becomes petrified by inaction. In order to shake her out of it, SHINC and Fuka both decide to attack PM4 with the worst plan possible: no plan at all. Fuka distracts LLENN by tying her shoe to one of her hand cannons, leaving her partner to try to free herself while Fuka rushes in.
….It goes about as well as can be expected, with all of SHINC getting shot down easily by M. Fuka is left to Pito, but her predilection for torturing her enemies leads to her mostly just screwing around. She shoots off several of Fuka’s limbs, but never does enough damage to actually kill her. Still, at least at this point everyone except LLENN is operating on the same rules: it’s just a game. For most of them, dying just stops them from winning the game, it’s not some absurd life or death thing. And LLENN watching all of her friends lose finally shakes her out of thinking otherwise.
4. Not much is more satisfying in fiction than when someone does something impossibly stupid and it winds up screwing them over very shortly afterwards. Pito refuses to kill Fuka, and instead chases down LLENN, who ran away  from them to lure Pito and M from their secure position inside the house. But since LLENN’s speed is on par with that of actual vehicles they hop inside one of the ARVs MMTM drove to the battle to catch her.
LLENN comes up with a couple different plans to take Pito out, including one where she tricks them into driving over a cliff into the water, where their health could drain from drowning…but since that’d be a boring ending, turns out it’s a shallow lake. Eventually she winds up completely defenseless…until Fuka shows up, driving one of the other ARVs to pick up LLENN. Apparently she learned to drive playing racing games–’cause like a real boss, Fuka’s mastered every form of gaming there is.

5. At the close of the episode, everything comes down to Pito and LLENN, scrambling to kill the other as quickly as possible only to wind up disarming each other just as the episode ends. We’ve seen what the climax of Squad Jams look like once already, and I’d expect just as much stupidity to how the final battle is won, or I might legit be disappointed.
Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

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