7 Video Games That Should Get Anime Adaptations

by Tito W. James

Castlevania, Dante’s Inferno, Dead Space, Devil May Cry, and Bayonetta are all video games that have had anime adaptions. I compiled a list of video games I’d like to see as anime.

Assassin’s Creed has anime written all over it from its stealth ninja-like protagonists to its (overly) complex lore and philosophical ideas. The game franchise is perfect for an adaptation because the writers can explore any time period and invent their own assassin archetype.

Ok, I really just want a feature length version of the latest trailers, but an anime series could work as well. As the title suggests, Beyond Good and Evil deals within the grey area of morality. Jade isn’t a superhero, she’s just trying to survive with her friends in a difficult world. The game addressed political concerns during Bush-era America. These ideas could be interesting to explore in hindsight, especially because some of the problems are making a resurgence.

Ninja Gaiden is easy to imagine as an anime. Ryu Hayabusa has teamed up with sexy CIA agents and fought terrorists, zombies, and mutant dinosaurs. This could be a fun action-packed anime with some eechi elements.

The Legacy of Kain series is a hidden gem that is worth checking out mostly for its story. Written by Amy Hennig (Uncharted), the series has a unique and literary take on vampires and dark fantasy.  A world of vampires, elder gods, time travel, and steampunk contraptions is ripe for cool stories.

Darksiders has a special place in my heart seeing as it was the first M-rated game I’ve ever played. An anime featuring the four horsemen fighting angels and demons in an apocalyptic landscape has plenty of potential for action, adventure, and really dope art.

Alice: Madness Returns is a game that stands out because of its surreal and disturbing art. It could make a great horror thriller anime in the same vein as Another but with the lush mixed-media visuals of Magical Girl Madoka.

Out of all the games on this list, Killer 7 is the one I want to see most as an anime. One man has the ability to shape-shift into seven different assassins to fight a terrorist organization called Heaven Smile. A unique premise combined with high contrast art has given Killer 7 a cult status in the gaming community. It deserves to be reinterpreted as an anime.

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