A Study In Emerald: What To Know Before You Buy

by Tito W. James

A Study In Emerald is a very faithful comic adaption of a short story by Neil Gaiman that first appeared in the anthology,  Fragile Things. Gaiman creatively combines elements from the Cthulhu mythos within the world of Sherlock Holmes to tell an intriguing mystery from an unexpected point of view.

However, the graphic adaptation of A Study In Emerald  from Dark Horse reads less like a complete story and more like a thrilling chapter in a larger saga. Which begs the question, why do an graphic adaption unless the creators are going to expand upon the core premise?
This feels like a missed opportunity. The art is solid, the premise is inventive, but the story is too short to feel satisfying. If you want a better bang for your buck, just pick up a copy of Fragile Things–which includes A Study In Emerald and many other good quality short stories.

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