SDCC 2018: Iron Fist Returns September 7th; Alice Eve To Play Key Marvel Character

by Erik Amaya


While Danny Rand (Finn Jones) still had a lot to learn at the end of the first season of Iron Fist, his education continues in Season 2 as Danny lives up to the promise he made to Matt Murdoch to defend the lower part of Manhattan. But a sinister plot twist threatens his very identity and he must conquer a surprising set of villains to protect the city and people he holds close to his heart.
To celebrate the show’s imminent return, Jones, fellow co-star Jessica Henwick, guest star Simone Missick and new addition Alice Eve took to the Ballroom 20 stage at Comic-Con International: San Diego on Thursday. Joining the cast was also new executive producer and show runner, Raven Metzer. But Marvel Television chief and moderator Jeph Loeb took the hour to demonstrate his giddy feeling about the show by dressing up as The Karate Kid’s Daniel LaRusso and challenging those in attendance to a fight.
His zeal was curbed by Henswick, who forced him to take off the cosplay.
Metzer, who calls himself an “omega-level nerd” was interested in amping up the action quotient of the series. To do so, he brought in stunt coordinator Clayton Barber, who also worked on Black Panther for Marvel Studios. “I’ve been excited about where martial arts has been going for the last ten years,” Barber said. “[And] I wanted to make [the action here] a punk rock kung fu song.
He was also keen to see the actors do substantialy more of their own stunt work. Though some stunt doubles were still used, Barber said “the cast was up to the task and we got a really good result.”
“He taught me that discipline is a path to success,” Eve said. “He said you can do [any stunt] if you do it enough. That’s what we did. Sometimes I cried. I was in hospital and he said, ‘you have to change your relationship with pain.’”
But pain will be nothing new for Eve’s character. Though her part was a secret throughout production, Loeb was proud to announce “For the first time anywhere on film or otherwise, one of the most iconic characters in the Marvel Universe — Alice Eve plays Typhoid Mary.” His announcement was followed by an excellent clip in which Colleen Wing (Henwick) faces one of Mary’s more violent personas at the home of Joy Meecham (Jessica Stroup). The scene, which also features Misty Knight (Missick) getting smacked into a nightstand, features Eve’s favorite element of the part.
“What I loved about it was that it was very, very violent,” she said.
When not getting thrown around by powerhouse with multiple personalities, Missick said Misty comes downtown to return the favor Colleen paid her in the early part of Luke Cage Season 2. “Colleen and came to tell Misty to pick herself up off the ground and Misty comes to Iron Fist and finds Colleen in the same headspace. And there’s no BS between them. That’s the best thing about their relationship.”
I think that they bring out a side to each other that you don’t get to see otherwise,” added Henwick. “They have the same sense of humor. And they’re badass, what’s not to love?

But one person definitely without love is Davos (Sacha Dhawan), who returns in the second season as another antagonist for Danny. This conflict differs though, as the two were brothers in Kun’lun who fought against one another for the chance to become the Iron Fist. It is a conflict which fascinated Metzer and led to Loeb showing a clip in which Davos appears to have the Iron Fist himself.
“Finn? I don’t understand? It seemed to me that Davos’s fist lit up,” said Loeb “So what happened there?”
Jones responded, “You’ve got to see Season 2 to find out.”
Iron Fist returns September 7 on Netflix.

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