Ron Moore To Start Disney Magic Kingdom Universe With ‘The Society Of Explorers and Adventurers’ On Disney+

by Erik Amaya

Calling all Society of Explorers and Adventurers members! Your day is finally here!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Battlestar Galactica executive producer and For All Mankind co-creator Ronald D. Moore is set to develop The Society of Explorers and Adventurers for Disney+. The series will be the first in an interconnected universe of Magic Kingdom properties. Although, we have to say Disney vloggers have been hoping for sometime that a SEA connection will occur in this summer’s Jungle Book film.

The series itself will take place in a reality where “all the themed lands and characters of the Disney parks and classic films actually exist in another reality.” So expect some Moore-like takes on Big Thunder Mountain, The Canal Boats Through Storybookland, and, we hope, the connections between Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion. Inspired by the now-defunct Adventurers Club at Disney World’s also now defunct Pleasure Island complex, the SEA was devised as a story concept for Tokyo DisneySea’s Fortress Explorations walkthrough attraction. Within that attraction’s story, the SEA is a group of traveling scientists, explorers, and researchers dating as far back as the 16th Century. Their mission: to fully explore the depths of the ocean and the far reaches of the seven continents while also preserving and curating cultural artifacts along the way.

For the moment, let’s leave the imperialist implications of that mission to Moore and his writing team.

The SEA subsequently took root at the other Disney parks in Asia and more subtle references have emerged in the US parks. The SEA’s story also retroactively includes minor characters from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Raiders of the Lost Ark as members.

For the Disney+ concept, Moore will work with longtime collaborators Maril Davis and Ben McGinnis and the good people at Walt Disney Imagineering. As for characters to be featured, THR suggests it will focus on people like a Jungle Cruise ship captain, the mountain climbers sometimes seen scaling Anaheim’s Matterhorn, or a prospector along the Big Thunder train route. But if Moore and his team are working with Imagineers, we can also hope locations like Rainbow Ridge, Discovery Bay, and the Mysterious Island will work their way into the SEA series and the larger Magic Kingdom universe.

It is, of course, unclear how quickly SEA will make it to Disney+, but we imagine a number of people are already awaiting it with bated breath.

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