SDCC 2018: Boom! Talks Lumberjanes, Power Rangers, Ben 10 & More

by Gary Catig

The Discover Yours panels by Boom! Studios always spotlights a good variety of current and upcoming titles from the publisher and this time at San Diego Comic Con was no different. To discuss these books, some of the creators behind them spoke and provided some insight on what readers can expect in the near future.
Kat Leyh, the writer and cover artist for Lumberjanes, spoke how she totally relates to the character Molly in her comic. They both seem to battle with their insecurities. In the upcoming arc of the all ages title, the adventurers of the Roanoke Cabin will tussle with giant bugs while underground and compete in a board game above ground.

Ryan Parrot discussed his experience writing Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers. He has been flattered by the response to the Ranger Slayer, who is an evil alternate version of the Pink Ranger. Parrot couldn’t describe how he felt when he first found custom figures of the break out character.
For the first time, Boom! will be publishing a Ben 10 story. They have enlisted CB Lee to write the graphic novel that has Ben and his family searching for Bigfoot and running into aliens along their journey. Lee has been a fan of the show since she was a kid and teen and felt if she could have any of her protagonist’s powers, she would want Stinkfly or Cannonbolt.
Delilah S. Dawson has a new and interesting series coming out in October, entitled Sparrowhawk. She described it as a Victorian faerie fight club. It will have a dark tone with a little bit of whimsy.  Readers should imagine if Alice went to Wonderland to kill stuff. They even previewed some of the artwork, which is done by Matias Basla.

Coming off their first collaboration, Grass Kings, Tyler Jenkins and Matt Kindt have a new series coming out called Black Badge. It is an action/adventure that follows boy scouts who see upsetting things in the world. These kids get in over their heads responding to things that may be common occurrences to adults. With regards to the art, Jenkins wanted a more classic aesthetic compared to Grass Kings. Upcoming covers were then shown illustrated by Jenkins, Jeff Lemire and JP Leon.

Low Road West follows friends travelling the U.S. trying to find safety after an apocalyptic event. There has been a bombing and invasion of the East Coast and children refugees are heading out west to escape. While passing through the dust bowl of Oklahoma, the kids find a door to another world. The title will be written by Philip Kennedy Johnson with art by Flaviano and will be out this September.

Starting with issue #31 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Marguerite Bennett will be taking over writing duties. She will be creating a new team that deals with the repercussions of Lord Drakkon’s actions in Shattered Grid.  It will be a crisis adventure in the resulting mad new world.  The team will even receive a new name, which will be revealed later.

Boom! provided an array of different titles that hopefully everyone can find something for themselves.  Finally, at the end of the panel, it was announced that Adventure Time lives on in the comics. Though the television show may be ending, fans can catch season 11 exclusively through them.  It will be written by Sonny Liew with art by Marina Julia.

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