SDCC 2018: More On Tom King And Clay Mann’s Heroes In Crisis

by Olly MacNamee

From the very wacky and wonderful press conference Friday morning and throughout the weekend, Tom King and Clay Mann’s Heroes In Crisis series has been one of the bigger items of comic book news coming out of SDCC this year. Asking the question, “How does a superhero handle PTSD? How do DC’s Trinity – Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman – handle massacres and mass shootings?”, King will be providing the answers when this highly anticipated series goes on shelves come September 26th.
King told the press pack Friday morning the following :

I want to speak about, and to, this New War generation, the millions of people who have fought bravely overseas and have come home to try to return to their normal lives. I want to talk about their hopes, their pains, their triumphs; I want to use DC’s heroes to tell their stories.

Introducing Sanctuary, an super-secret space to help superheroes who’ve been traumatized by crime-fighting and cosmic combat, King was quick to point out that it’s not all about Sanctuary, as some may have believed before the press conference:

It’s about the failures of Sanctuary. In that way, I’m writing about this moment in our history. We felt safe. We had security. Then something went horribly wrong. Is it possible to repair that? To fight that? Heroes In Crisis is about heroes who have to live through violence to save the world, and what that violence does to them. They make a sacrifice every time they go out to fight the bad guys. That sacrifice is at the heart of the series.

Want more? We’ll, we’ve managed to get our hands on unlettered preview pages doing the rounds, to share with you all.
You’re welcome.

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